How we “forced” a post to go viral with 1000+ comments and boosted ticket sales

Australian Badminton Open

The Australian Badminton Open is Australia’s largest and most prestigious badminton tournament.

This year, they had the top badminton athletes from around the world including 2 times Olympic Gold Medalist Lin Dan and many other legends.

Their Goal
Badminton Australia wanted to promote this event with a limited budget, and generate awareness and engagement amongst all the badminton fans and players within Sydney.

The Challenge

Because Badminton is not a well-funded sport in Australia, they had a limited budget to work with as well as a small demographic. From our initial research, we have found that there were only around 40,000 badminton fans within Sydney, which is less than 1% of the population.

The Solution

We ran a two-part Facebook advertising campaign to maximise the engagement and response from their limited budget.

Step 1: Australian Badminton Open Ticket Giveaway
Case Study - Australian Badminton Open
In order to generate a large boost of engagement, we started off with a giveaway of 4 tickets, badminton rackets and more. 

The requirement of entry was to comment why they wanted to win. 

We had over 1000 comments, many of them were stories about their personal experiences with badminton as well as how badminton has affected their life. 

This connected badminton fans all around Australia as they started their own conversations within the thread.

We linked the post to what we call a Messenger Bot, which automatically messages anyone who enters the giveaway. 

The reason this is important is because it gives us an opportunity to communicate with our audience directly to their inbox.

Step 2: Recreate the ticket purchase experience

In the past, Badminton Australia has relied on their email list and their limited organic Facebook reach to promote ticket sales. 

To boost this up, the Tangy Digital team created a brand new landing page website which clearly outlined the tournament information, the value proposition and streamlined the ticket purchase process.

We then ran Facebook Ads featuring some competitors directing them to the new landing page. 

From this campaign, we were generating clicks from as little as 9 cents each, which is 11x cheaper than the industry standard.

The Results

We reached 74% of the badminton community in Sydney from these campaigns, and generated clicks to purchase tickets from as little as 9 cents each. 11x lower than the industry standard!

How Would You Like This Level of Engagement For Your Business?

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