How We Booked Out a Landscape Architect in 57 days

Louisa is a passionate Landscape architect and qualified horticulturalist who helps homeowners turn their yards and gardens into an outdoor paradise.

As a solo business owner, Louisa has been relying on referrals and word of mouth as their only source of new clients. However, she found it to be unreliable as they had some months with plenty of clients and other months which were quieter. Hence, she wanted to create a more consistent source of new leads and clients.

Their Goal is to Generate new clients for landscape and garden design

The Challenge: Avoid time wasters and tire kickers

As a landscape architect, she must meet the client in person and perform a site inspection to provide an accurate plan and quote. However, as a solo business owner, her time was valuable and she did not want to spend her days travelling around doing quote after quote like many of her competitors were doing.

The Solution: The "Dream Garden Consultation"

We started by creating a new and unique offer which can separate them from their competition. We called it the "Dream Garden Consultation".

This is a free 15 minute over-the-phone consultation with Louisa where she learns about the client's vision, their expectations as well as their budget to determine whether they will be a potential client (or if they are a tire-kicker), and it gives her an opportunity to share her "5 Step Dream Garden Process".

If the client is a good fit, then she goes over for an in-person site assessment and quote, where she can bill for her time. (No more Free Quotes).

We created a brand new landing page which reflected her brand and her new offer, and ran 5 variations of Facebook ads, each with different messaging and personality. From our test, we found that the "personal" and informal ad worked the best, so we focused the majority of our budget on that one.


28 Qualified Leads in 57 days, which completely booked out her schedule for several months.

These weren’t just regular leads…. They were passionate read-to-go leads who desperately wanted to transform their garden. 

Take a look at some of the inquiries she received:

“Oh wow!! What an opportunity! Ok I know you specified back yard , but I have just levelled out our front yard and have nooooo idea how to design it!! We have been renovating for 15 years now (eye roll) and you think I would think I had a plan by now?? Would you pleaseeee give me some ideas?? Pleaseee:)” – Kahla


“We are trying to renno are our 2 story brick home but it’s taking such a long time to get it sorted. So in the meantime I’m thinking ahead for the garden esp around the pool area which needs redoing completely. 

Of course our $ are going into the house & deck but something has to be done with the current jungle we have & as I’m from the country/beach living in suburbia, I miss the pleasure of being surrounded by beautiful nature which I can admire & relax with each day. Also the front visage has been so ugly & unappealing for so long I really want to do something there as well, but prob on a lower scale. 

Anyway friends have had their places fully landscaped so I realise the costs involved, but perhaps with a plan we engage with some help but also put in some work ourselves to save on costs. Anyway let’s chat & maybe it’s a good future project. Thank you” – Karen

How would you like inquiries like these flooding your inbox in the next 14 days?

When we started the marketing campaign, it was like turning on a tap! I’m blown away by the power of well executed social media marketing. I certainly could not have achieved these results without Tangy Digital’s help, and I’m so excited about the growth potential it affords my business!

- Louisa -

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